PC Upgrades on Byte-Size Budgets

Savings Experiment: Low-Cost PC Upgrades
Computers don't last forever, but upgrading your PC can put a major dent in your byte-size budget. So, when it comes to getting a new desktop, here are a few things to keep in mind in order to keep costs low.

First, keep the clutter. Disconnect your monitor, mouse and keyboard from your current PC. These accessories often come with new computers, but you don't need them since you already have your own set. The key to saving on a new computer is finding one without the additional peripherals.

For instance, Best Buy offers a new tower by Lenovo, which comes with the latest operating system and a DVD burner for less than $400. Plug in your own monitor, mouse and keyboard, and you're good to go.

To save even more money, consider a pre-owned system. For example, Walmart sells refurbished computers that come with all of the vital parts you need for less that $130. When the average price of a new desktop is $800, you're looking at significant savings for a used system.

computer upgradeSo, if you're thinking of upgrading your PC, keep your current accessories and focus your search on a tower. You'll get a great machine for a price that won't downgrade your savings.
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