FarmVille: Play Zynga Slingo for three free Unwithers

Are the Unwithers you received from playing on FarmVille Express not enough for you? If you're willing to play some more Zynga Slingo, you can get your hands on three more free Unwither potions via a second cross-promotion which has launched on our farms. This particular promotion asks you to "Achieve 10 Full Boards" in the game, meaning that you'll need to completely fill 10 different cards, having marked out every single number on those cards before your turns run out.

Needless to say, this is a pretty challenging promotion to complete, which, in turn, will have most players heading back and forth between FarmVIlle and Zynga Slingo for up to a few days or more, depending on their luck or desire for those Unwithers. And you know, that's probably the entire point. Zynga Slingo has 15.9 million monthly players, but that number's dropping pretty fast according to AppData. Could this difficult promotion be Zynga's way of forcing that number to go back up?

If so, I'd personally think that the prize should be greater, given the amount of time most farmers will probably need to invest just for three Unwithers. Why not something more permanently useful, like a Super Orchard or Animal Pen? Whatever the case, the promotion is now active across your farms if you wish to complete it, but I wouldn't blame you if you don't feel the necessary time is worth it.

What do you think of this second Zynga Slingo promotion in FarmVille? Will you complete it to earn three free Unwithers, or do you not want to take the time necessary to complete ten different boards? Sound off in the comments.