If you want five free Unwither, play FarmVille Express already

FarmVille Express promotion
FarmVille Express promotion

Either Zynga really wants you to play FarmVille on the go using FarmVille Express, or the mobile companion to the epitome of farming games on Facebook isn't doing so hot. We're gonna' guess it's a mix of the two, as FarmVille fans that try FarmVille Express can now earn five free Unwither for their Facebook farms in a new cross promotion.

For those out of the loop, FarmVille Express isn't an app you download. The companion app is actually web-based, and offers far less functionality than, say, FarmVille does as an iOS app. However, the game is far easier to access and load: All you need to do is enter "Farmville.com" into your iOS or Android device's browser and you'll be in FarmVille Express.

From there, you can keep track of your crops and keep tabs on a few other vital tasks. For the FarmVille fanatic, that's really all you need, right? (Admittedly, it's pretty nifty.) Or you just need more Unwithers, which is OK too.

[Via FarmVille Freak]

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