FarmVille 2, or 'Big Harvest,' looks a lot like Harvest Moon [Rumor]

FarmVille 2 Big Harvest
FarmVille 2 Big Harvest

Perhaps Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada spoke to soon in thanking FarmVille for his game's recent success. TechCrunch reports that the first-ever image of the rumored FarmVille sequel in action has leaked. According to a nameless source, the first direct FarmVille sequel is known as "Big Harvest," but we guess that's more than likely a subtitle.

TechCrunch's anonymous tipster reports that the game is already in a closed beta test in the Philippines. Based on the image below, the next FarmVille will be deeper in more ways than just lush 3D graphics. More steps of the actual farming process will be considered: Harvesting crops won't just yield coins, but feed for players' animals. When animals are fed, they'll yield eggs and milk to make food dishes.

As you know, Zynga has created several expansions to FarmVille over the past year, but the developer can only keep up that act for so long. The developer knows that it somehow has to keep the game fresh, but it also must know that its previously direct sequels have all but flopped in comparison to its new properties. To pile on the pressure, FarmVille is still Zynga's highest-earning game, according to a recent SEC filing.

But as TechCrunch points out, if Zynga manages to pull this one off, it would prove that the developer can foster enduring franchises much like Rovio has done with Angry Birds. Of course, that's assuming the players want handsomer, more complex FarmVille in their lives. We shall see.

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