Game of the Day: Dominoes - Chickenfoot

dominoes chickenfoot game of the day
Today's Game of the Day is a version of Dominoes called Chickenfoot. This is your classic game of dominoes with a major twist. In Dominoes: Chickenfoot, when someone plays a double piece, three pieces must be played on that double before the game continues. That arrangement of dominoes creates the shape of a chicken's foot, hence the name of the game.

Even die hard fans of regular dominoes will love Dominoes: Chickenfoot. The addition of the chickenfoot element may seem random and unnecessary at first, but it makes the games last longer. Forcing the players to play on a double means that players have to draw far more often. So hop oonline and play Dminoes: Chickenfoot below.

Play Dominoes: Chickenfoot!
dominoes chickenfoot game of the daydominoes chickenfoot game of the day
Were you able to defeat the other players in Dominoes: Chickenfoot?
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