CityVille Weather Balloon: Everything you need to know


In keeping with the recent theme of "Weather" in CityVille, you can now build a new Weather Balloon in your town. If you decide to keep it in your main city, you'll have a standard Community Building that adds to your town's maximum allowed population, while placing it in CityVille Downtown will give off Downtown Value Points. Either way, this feature is available to all users that have reached at least Level 10 in the game, and it requires you to expand out to it, rather than building it.

As is the standard setup for items like this, you'll be able to complete a goal alongside the Weather Balloon called "Today's Forecast!" It comes with three tasks:

  • Expand to the Weather Balloon

  • Collect from 100 Residences

  • Build the Weather Forecasting Tower

The Weather Forecasting Tower was released earlier in May, and it allows for rain showers to fall in your city. You can find our complete guide to building one right here. As for the Weather Balloon itself, you'll need to expand to it using Zoning Permits and coins. If you decide to have this in your main city, you'll receive a boost of 300 citizens in your maximum allowance, while 300 Downtown Value Points are up for grabs if you decide to place it in your downtown expansion instead.

When you complete the actual goal above, you'll receive five Zoning Permits, paying you back a bit for the items you spent in expanding out to the Weather Balloon in the first place. Of course, you can then do whatever you'd like with these expansions, so I suppose it might be a worthwhile project either way (even if the locations of your expansions are chosen for you).

What do you think? Will you expand out to this Weather Balloon in CityVille? Will you give the Weather Balloon a home in your downtown expansion or in your home city? Let us know your plans in the comments!