Jetpack Joyride on Facebook: When the same old is a beautiful thing

Jetpack Joyride Facebook
Facebook is a place where trends brew on the regular, most of them groan-inducing. But time and again a fad comes along that people hope never goes away, like embarrassing posts from grandma. The upswing of action-packed casual games on Facebook is one of those trends, and Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride serves that movement all too well.

First a hugely successful and critically-acclaimed game for iPhone and iPad, Jetpack Joyride recently went free-to-play on the platform, inspiring millions more downloads. Players have likely spent twice as many hours sending machine gun jet pack-equipped Barry Steakfries careening into countless zappers, missiles and laser beams along the path to glory. (This guy included.)
Jetpack Joyride on Facebook
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Jetpack Joyride on Facebook: When the same old is a beautiful thing
Of course, the logical extension for Halfbrick was to bring the free-to-play game to Facebook, and so it did. Jetpack Joyride on Facebook is, for all intents and purposes, the exact same game found on iPhone and iPad save for the controls. Now all players need to do is click within the game screen for Barry to ascend--rather than touch the screen--avoiding numerous obstacles on his endlessly automatic journey toward the right of the screen.

Along the way, players receive an endless supply of challenges that do well to mix up the play hook for those that so choose to follow them. For the collectors out there, this version of Jetpack Joyride packs every item available for coins that the mobile version does, fancy jet packs and all. Not to mention the brand new Gadgets are up for grabs as well. (And yes, players can purchase more coins with Facebook Credits.)
Jetpack Joyride Bad As Hog
In fact, everything you likely love about the Jetpack Joyride in your pocket is now in your browser on Facebook. And the endless flier scales surprisingly well, meaning Barry, his scientist "buddies" and his flashiest of jet packs look simply gorgeous. Halfbrick has managed to get the joyride running surprisingly smooth as well, which is crucial in such a game. However, the one issue with Jetpack Joyride is that there's not much more to speak of it.

Aside from the ability to post high scores to Facebook and leader boards populated with your Facebook friends, there is nothing different about this version of Jetpack Joyride from its mobile counterpart. As blissfully simple of a game this gem is, that's a bit of a bummer, especially considering the makeover Fruit Ninja received in its transition to Facebook. One can only hope the future holds some more interesting changes for Jetpack Joyride on Facebook.
Jetpack Joyride Mr. Cuddles
Even without some nifty Facebook features (though they would be nice), Jetpack Joyride justifies itself on Facebook enough by merit alone. Jetpack Joyride joins the stable of endless flier games on the web and arguably trounces them all. There's something about this game that's inexplicably compulsory and stimulating at the same time.

And you have to wonder what the guy is headed toward in his endless journey toward the right. Is he trying to escape his captors in lab coats? Is he being paid for endless scientific trials? When you think about it, Barry's existence is a sad one, but he somehow keeps that immense, toothy grin on his face. Maybe that's what it is that keeps us playing. Well, there's only one way to find out.

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