Game of the Day: Starfire: Retaliation

Starfire Retaliation
Starfire Retaliation

Aliens have stolen the Earth's water and now it's payback time for one little red spaceship, piloted by yours truly! Well, at least that's the case in today's Game of the Day,Starfire: Retaliation. But when it comes to space shooters, backstory doesn't come into play very much. What matters is that the game is good and this one definitely is.

Every space shooter involves flying back-and-forth, up-and-down as you zap away alien baddies using unlimited ammo. Starfire: Retaliation has your share of enemy fighters, along with mini-bosses and an asteroids-navigating interlude. This is all set to great sound effects and an eye-popping 3D aesthetic that makes planets loom large underneath and the space around come alive. Even new players can enjoy the classic gameplay in this sexy, souped up space shooter. To avenge the Earth and test your skills, check out Starfire: Retaliation below!

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