FarmVille Pic of the Day: One Hundred Percent Chickens by AussieJohn

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"KFC called, they want their chickens back! ", exclaimed one FarmVille player.

It's an apt response. Roughly five thousand chickens make up AussieJohn's farm. Including the Rainbow Chickens (they're his favorite) in his chicken coop, these yield a harvest of about 80K coins. This is a staggering arrangement of chickens. AussieJohn said that he basically kept adding chickens until the game told him to stop. It also took him half a year to amass this amount, most of which were gifts from friends and neighbors and not straight out purchases from the Market. For him, his farm of chickens is a testament to neighborly friendship.

But what about the giant question mark on top of the egg? Well, it represents the word, "Why?", a question he tends to get a lot from other people. Such as: Why love chickens and why play FarmVille? Moreover, is his farm a giant Mystery Egg? If you, too, have a question for AussieJohn, feel free to ask him about it on his thread in the official Zynga forums. It's worth a glance just to read people's funny reactions. AussieJohn is also ready to make friends with other players, as evidenced by the following post:

ADVERTISEMENT aussie male would like to meet other chicken collectors. gender, looks and species unimportant , must love chickens :-)

[Bottom Image Credit: Cute in Korea]

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