One game store to rule them all: Facebook to launch App Center

Facebook App Center
Facebook App Center

Did Facebook just solve its game discovery problem? Maybe, and it might have solved it for everyone else in the process. VentureBeat reports that Facebook will launch App Center, its very own app store that brings the best Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, mobile, desktop and web apps (and games) all to one place--arguably the place--Facebook.

Oh, and App Center will be on Facebook Mobile too, of course. And one more thing: The store will offer both free and paid apps and games. "The goal is to solve the app discovery problem... based on what you and your friends enjoy," a Facebook rep told VentureBeat. We imagine the representative muttered immediately after, "Game ... Blouses."

The Facebook App Center will be personalized to what users' friends are using and playing, with each app or game required to have a detailed information page, just like they on every other official marketplace. Unsurprisingly, the apps and games will also be given star ratings determined collectively by users, and Facebook will curate App Center just as Apple does with its App Store, according to VentureBeat.

But don't think that Facebook looks to compete directly with Apple and Google: If an app or game is offered through the App Store or Google Play, App Center will redirect to those stores when it's necessary. Some will say Facebook gave in, but others will say that Facebook just won. The end result will fall somewhere in the middle, and you can find more details here.

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