Draw Something Tumblrs on, thanks to Pikachu and Hitler

Mobile game darling Draw Something might have taken a tumble in players recently, but it's still going strong. For that, you can credit the memetic freedom of expression it inspires in its 9.1 million daily players. Now, the OMGPOP-made and Zynga-owned mobile sensation is infamous for another reason ... well, two: Pikachu and Hitler. Two different Draw Something players have appeared, incorporating hilarious (and well-drawn) images of the most beloved Pokémon and the most hated man of all time.

Let's get the more ... suggestive Draw Something player out of the way. According to Happy Place, a Scottish Draw Something player known as Michael simply loves to incorporate the thinly mustachioed man into all of his drawings. The addition of the words "Ignore Hitler" in every drawing only fuels the funny fire. Michael even managed to make the word "walrus" about Hitler ... by making a Hitler walrus.

Of course, the operator of Tumblr DrawSomePikachus, a Brooklynite who goes by Derrick Sanskrit KC, is far more tame and adorable than Ignore Hitler, but just as hilarious. Ever wondered what Pikachu would look like as Iron Man? How about if Pikachu were on the cover of Nirvana's seminal album Nevermind? That's the kind of cute you'll find there. Unless you can somehow find the world's super villain (if there ever was one) cute, then you probably won't find much cute in Ignore Hitler. Only laughs ... lots of laughs.

[Via Kotaku]

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