Casino by Zeniz offers ever-expanding multiplayer casino action on the go

While we've already taken a look at the top five Facebook casino games that are worth playing, that doesn't mean we aren't open to taking to the slots and high-roller tables of Vegas on the go. Offering a new way to do just that is Casino by Zeniz, which is now available to download for free on iPhone and iPad.

Casino by Zeniz comes with Texas Hold 'Em Poker and two games of "Social Slots" for now, but Zeniz plans to update the app with additional casino games at least every two months. For now, you can enter into 24/7 live multiplayer in both of these gameplay modes, with slots and poker tables coming with various options in terms of buy-ins, blinds (in the case of poker), themes and more. While waiting for other players to make a decision in Texas Hold' Em, you can also try your luck at table-side slots as a way to earn (or lose) even more money while passing the time until it's once again your turn to bet.

The game's social features allow you to create an avatar and profile for yourself, and then add different players as friends. In-game bonuses also come into play, as other players may win at the slots and you'll receive a few coins as a consolation prize for yourself. Overall, the gameplay in Casino by Zeniz functions just fine, but some of it does move a bit slowly when compared to other casino games on either Facebook or mobile devices. Still, the core mechanics are there, which is really all we can ask for from an initial launch.

Casino by Zenis is now available to download from iTunes, with an Android version being developed for release in the coming weeks.

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