SimCity Social looks like a certainty now, and a smart one [Rumor]

SimCity Social
SimCity Social

Here's the thing: Rampant rumors and slant confirmations aside, mighty games publisher EA would be remiss not to bring a version of SimCity to Facebook. Now, the rumor mill has earned yet another spin. Fansite SimsVIP reports that EA registered several domains pointing to SimCity on Facebook, namely "", "" and "" way back in last September.

But wait, there's more. SimsVIP also spotted a Facebook page URL, "", which redirects to the Facebook home page at the moment, as well as the following Facebook app address in the Facebook source code: "". So, if there is, in fact, a SimCity Social Facebook game in the works, chances are Playfish is the team behind it.

Yet another tidbit of evidence pointing toward a SimCity Social on Facebook is that EA CEO John Riccitiello told viewers of CNBC's Mad Money recently that the company will release a major social game "in a month from today," and that it "will be all over the news." There's nothing like a direct competitor to CityVille to make headlines, no? We'll see come June 8--wait a second ... E3 happens in that same week. We see what you did there, EA.

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