Hidden Chronicles Mothers' Memories: Everything you need to know

A new limited edition event has launched in Hidden Chronicles regarding an old family quilt with an unknown past. A young woman is desperate to learn more about the history of this family heirloom, and you'll help her do just that by completing the 10 "Mothers' Memories" quests.

You'll unlock three new scenes along the way, with these quests being fairly basic in terms of their requirements. The first quest of ten, for example, has you placing a Jungle Gym on your Estate, purchasing some Gardening items and asking your friends for Spa Kits. The Spa Kits come from individual requests, so make sure to save some from your daily allotment to not get stuck on this quest.

As for the Jungle Gym, this is part of the new limited edition, childhood theme of items in the game's store. You can purchase items like a Child's Swingset for 11 Estate Cash, while the Jungle Gym proper costs 1,550 coins. It will add 350 Estate Points to your manor when it's completely built, but it requires quite a few building materials along the way:

  • 5 Chipping Hammers

  • 5 Electrode Holders

  • 5 Paint Cans

  • 5 Welding Electrodes

  • 5 Welding Machines

The Chipping Hammers and Welding Machines can be earned through generic wall posts, while items like the Electrode Holder and Welding Electrodes require you to ask your friends to send them to you via individual requests. For completing this very first quest, you'll receive the first of three limited edition scenes associated with this event: Fairytale Nap Time.

We'll make sure to work on this quest series and will let you know what other scenes you can expect to unlock along the way. Keep checking back with us!

[Image Credit: Hidden Chronicles Wiki]

What do you think of this Mothers' Memories event so far? Do you like the Fairytale Nap Time scene and its light, muted color palette? Sound off in the comments.