Game of the Day: Colorfill 2

Chain reaction games are one of the most beautiful casual games out there. They're also simple to learn, while being incredibly challenging. That's definitely true of today's Game of the Day, Colorfill 2. Danny Miller's classic Boomshine has spawned many imitators done in a wide variety of flavors, such as Flower Reaction and Nuclearoids. Colorfill 2, however, maintains the Boomshine look, while adding some key innovative differences to gameplay.

The goal of most chain reaction games is to clear your screen or to reach a certain score, but Colorfill 2 stages can only be beaten by the power of your cascade, which is measured as a percentage. What this means is that you can empty the entire screen, but unless the lights were snuff out in an unending chain, you could still lose the level.

Another new idea is the use of dragables, along with "positive" and "negative" balls. Dragables are just what they sound like, balls you can drag around (if you can catch them). Positive balls allow you to start chains anywhere by clicking on them. Negative balls disrupt chains and you need to get rid of them by clicking. If you've never tried chain reaction games before, be sure to check out Colorfill 2below!

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How high of a level can you get in Colorfill 2?

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