Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers Madagascar: Our guide to finding every item

When Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers first launched on Facebook, it only had six chapters, which we've covered in full for your item hunting pleasure. Now though, an additional chapter has been added to the game. Chapter 7 is called simply "Islands," and it takes us to tropical island locations all around the world, starting with Madagascar (in a scene of the same name).

The Madagascar scene is one that requires you to find just three animals, but to find them in bulk all around the scene. In this case, you'll need to find six lemurs, three bats and three frogs.

Pink = Lemurs

White = Bats

Orange = Frogs

There are still some potential spawn locations that aren't pictured above, as the game generates each set of locations randomly each time you play the scene. We'll make sure to keep playing this scene and will update this space when we've found more items to help you out.

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Have you made it to this seventh chapter in Animal Kingdom Explorers yet? What do you think of this island theme of this newest chapter? Sound off in the comments.

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