CastleVille Sneak Peek: First puppies and now... dragons?

If history has taught us anything about Zynga's many Facebook games, it's that each game's loading screen can tell you just as much as any official announcement. Such is the case this evening in CastleVille, as a new loading screen has entered rotation, showing off a similar image to that of the puppy teaser that launched a few weeks ago, but with dragons instead.

To be specific, we're shown in-game avatars cuddling with and petting dragons of all shapes and colors (pink, green, orange/yellow and blue baby dragons are shown off as "babies" in the image), alongside the text: "Build a happy kingdom with your fiery friends." Clearly, this is an intentional pairing, as the puppy teaser image had "furry friends" when showing off dogs and cats.

Speaking of cats, if this dragon update will be the next to launch in the game (apparently, they'll hatch from dragon eggs), then where did cats go? Are they being left behind for now in favor of the dragons, or could both be launching in the next few days / weeks? If this is anything like the puppy pairing, we'll likely have to wait a few days before dragon pets officially start rolling out, but you can be sure that we'll keep and eye on things and will let you know as soon as you can (hopefully) adopt a dragon pet of your own).

UPDATE: It didn't take as long as we thought! Dragons are now available to adopt in your Kingdom! We'll make sure to bring you a complete guide to adopting a baby dragon of your own just as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

Are you excited to see dragons as pets potentially come to CastleVille? If dragons come before kittens, will you be disappointed? What do you think of the pet feature as a whole in CastleVille? Sound off in the comments.
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