Your Sims will soon be parents to toddlers in the Sims FreePlay


We may not be able to have toddlers in our games of Sims Social on Facebook, but if you're a fan of the Sims FreePlay on Android or iOS, your Sims will soon be able to welcome walking, talking (or perhaps stumbling and mumbling) bundles of joy to their virtual lives!

That's right - the toddler life stage is coming soon to the Sims FreePlay. Unfortunately, we aren't told much more about this update, other than the fact that it will released soon (apparently across all gameplay platforms), but the wording of the game's announcement (on the Sims FreePlay Facebook fan page) leaves us to believe that we'll need to manually grow our babies into Toddlers, rather than something happening automatically:

"Wondering how to turn babies into toddlers in The Sims FreePlay? Here's a sneak peak of our upcoming update. Make sure to "LIKE" us to get the latest news on Sims stuff, get exclusive offers, and more!"

We're shown an example toddler standing next to a teddy bear, giving us an idea that we'll probably see new, toddler themed items released in the in-game store, and hopefully enough clothing options will come with this release to allow us to customize our Sims' children until our hearts are content.

Again, there's no release date for this update, but make sure to keep track of your Sims on your own mobile device to know when you can be the first to have toddlers in your game!

Are you excited that toddlers will be coming soon to the Sims FreePlay? Would you like to see toddlers and babies come to the Sims Social on Facebook? Sound off in the comments.