Pioneer Trail Mystery on the Homestead: Everything you need to know

With so many people and items on your Homestead at once in Pioneer Trail, it can be a bit difficult to keep track of everything at once. Apparently, your virtual villagers are having trouble keeping their items safe as well, as items are disappearing all over the place! This comes by way of a new feature called Mystery on the Homestead, which contains goals in different cases, each of which comes with a new reward. Note: You must be at least level 15 to access this feature, and these goals can only be completed once.

A Gal Without a Horse

  • Investigate a Horse Track

  • Clear 10 Grass

  • Collect 20 Saddle Straps

Rewards: 200 XP, 300 coins, 1 non-rideable Horse

Rocket Retrieval

  • Turn in the Wayward Rocket Collection

  • Harvest 40 Apple Trees

  • Collect 10 Stray Horse Hair from friends

The Wayward Rocket Collection is one of three new collections that have launched alongside this event, and the items to complete it can be earned by harvesting Apple Trees. Your rewards for completing this goal are 250 XP, 400 coins and a Skewbald Horse.

Fancy Feet

  • Investigate 2 Footprints

  • Collect 20 Shoe Laces

  • Collect 10 Wads of Chewing Gum

The Chewing Gum comes from friends while the Shoe Laces are earned when harvesting Flax. You'll receive 300 XP, 500 coins and two All You Can Eat Meals for completing this goal.

A Feat of Feet

  • Investigate 3 Horsetracks

  • Collect 20 Crumpled Recipes

  • Collect 10 Guilty Confessions

The Guilty Confessions are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Crumpled Recipes are earned by chopping down Pine and Oak Trees. you'll earn 400 XP, 600 coins and a Trackin' Pig for completing this goal.

The Mysterious Formula

  • Investigate 2 Torn Fabric

  • Collect 25 Suspicious Fingerprints

  • collect 10 Horticulture Notes

The Horticulture Notes come from friends, while Suspicious Fingerprints are dropped at random when tending Apricot Trees. Complete this goal and you'll earn 500 XP, 700 coins and a Green Lightning potion.

A Secret Ingredient

  • Investigate 2 Footprints

  • Collect 10 Secret Recipes

  • Collect 25 Broken Plant Stems

The Broken Plant Stems drop from harvesting Vanilla Orchids. Your rewards for this goal are 600 XP, 800 coins and a Loyal Pioneer.

The Real Scoop

  • Turn in 2 Bungling Botanist Collections

  • Investigate 3 Horse Tracks

  • Investigate 2 Torn Fabrics

The Bungling Botanist collection can be completed by harvesting broccoli, as its five items drop at random when doing so. You'll earn 700 XP, 900 cons and a Quick Draw Quaff for completing this goal.

Over the River & Through the Woods

  • Investigate 5 Horse Tracks

  • Collect 35 Half Eaten Figs

  • Collect 10 Bandit Masks

The Half Eaten Figs are earned by harvesting Fig Trees. Completing this goal gives you 800 XP, 1,000 coins and a Red Panda.

Oxen Box-In

  • Collect 30 Cattle Branders

  • Harvest 30 Aloe Vera

  • Craft 5 Compasses

Compasses are created using Compass Needles and Brass Plates. Both of these ingredients can be earned from friends, while Compass Needles also drop at random when tending Pine Trees. As for the Cattle Branders, these come when tending Adult Oxen on your Homestead. For completing this goal, you'll earn 900 XP, 1,250 coins and two Triple Mastery boosts that will last for 12 hours each.

Corny Caper

  • Turn in 3 Hidden Hideout Collections

  • Investigate 4 Footprints

  • Investigate 3 Torn Fabrics

The Hidden Hideout Collection is finished by harvesting corn in order to earn the five items necessary to turn it in. For completing this final goal, you'll receive 1,000 XP, 1,500 coins and a Raging Buffalo. For the record, when turning in this Hidden Hideout Collection, you'll receive a Building Boost which might even help you in other goals along the way.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Mystery on the Homestead feature? Have you solved any of the cases set out for us yet? Which ones? Sound off in the comments.