Help Obama and Romney run for the presidency ... literally

Obama's Running for President
Obama's Running for President

It's pretty much decided that the 2012 Presidential Race will be between current commander in chief Barack Obama (D) and former Mass. governor Mitt Romney (R). So, why not help the world make that very decision? Now, you can help Obama and Romney run for the presidency in none other than an endless runner by MindSpark on GamingWonderland.

It's fitting, no? The game(s) is called Obama's (or Romney's) Running for President. All players need to do is click on the screen to cause either 2012-2016 presidential hopeful to jump over various obstacles. Such obstacles include slippery pieces of legislation, paparazzi and TVs playing mud-slinging campaign ads. There's just something chuckle-worthy about watching Obama's ear flopping in the wind as he avoids a gaping chasm.

Of course, there's also nothing like catching a long glimpse of Romney flailing frantically to dodge a cameraman. While the goal of the game is to last as long as possible, it's also important to collect as many votes as possible to earn more points. And like all web-based games, players can share the fun via Facebook. If you look to end your work day with a laugh, why not give either a shot?

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