FarmVille Beach Resort: Everything you need to know

Like it or not, we can't say that Zynga hasn't released quite a few themed decorations for our Hawaiian Paradise farms in FarmVille. Whether or not those decorations actually have an overall function, or are otherwise worth their purchase price remains to be seen. One set item has been released this week: the Beach Resort, an item that can be upgraded through multiple levels of construction, which will give you Coconuts every day.

When you place the base of the Beach Resort on your farm (watch out - the base is quite large), you'll need to start its first level of construction by asking your friends for some building materials:

  • 8 Tropical Cups

  • 10 Beach Sandals

  • 10 Swimsuits

You can earn these items by asking your friends to send them to you or by purchasing them with Farm Cash. From there, you can upgrade the Beach Resort through five more levels, all of the way up to Level 6. Of course, each stage requires more and more building materials, so I hope you have plenty of friends on hand to help you out.

Other than its cool appearance, you actually have a larger reason for building this Beach Resort on your farm, as you can harvest from it once per day to earn free Coconuts for use in the Hawaiian Paradise marketplace. Since Coconuts are still harder to come by than coins (in the big scheme of things), I know I'll personally take any new method for earning them that I can, won't you?

Note: As of this writing, placing the Beach Resort base on your farm may cause an out-of-sync error, forcing you to refresh your game (only to see the Beach Resort disappear). If you run into this error, I'd suggest holding off on placing the item for now until Zynga has a chance to stabilize the feature.You can also continue the cycle to hope it eventually "sticks," as that worked for us after a few tries.

What do you think of this Beach Resort? Have you had any out-of-sync problems with it on your farm? Sound off in the comments.