FarmVille Mystery Game (05/06/12): Celebrate mothers everywhere with themed prizes

In keeping with the new limited edition items that have launched in FarmVille's marketplace this evening, this week's Mystery Game also has moms in mind, as the seven prizes available therein are themed towards mothers (or things that mothers might like to do, like relax at a bed and breakfast). Even if some of these items only have small connections to mothers, they're still quite lovely and can be earned by throwing darts at the board for 20 Farm Cash each.

Here's the lineup of this week's Mystery Game prizes, according to FarmVille Freak.

  • Carnation Dragon
  • Carnation Waterfall
  • Country B&B
  • Mom's Garden
  • Rabbit Family
  • Red Carnation Pegasus

If you can walk away with at least one of the six individual prizes above, you'll also win a special seventh prize at no additional cost: the Mother Bird. Mind you, this could be an incredibly expensive prize, even if it is given to you "for free," as you might have to spend quite a few Farm Cash to earn the six prizes above thanks to the possibility of receiving duplicates each time you throw a new dart. Still, if you can manage to walk away with the whole set, you'll bring a lot of motherly love to your farm that will last the whole year through.

What do you think of this week's Mystery Game contents? Which prize(s) did you win from this week's lineup? Let us know in the comments.
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