Game of the Day: Euchre

euchre game of the day
Today's Game of the Day is Euchre! Euchre is a trick-taking card game played with two teams of two using a deck of 24 playing cards. Euchre is the game responsible for introducing the Joker card into modern packs. The card was was invented around 1860 to act as a top trump or best bower. Euchre is closely related to the French game Écarté that was popularized in the United States by the Pennsylvania Dutch, and to the seventeenth-century game of Loo.

So play online against the computer or challenge friends in the 24-card classic. Remember, squib or be squibbed! Check out Euchre below.

Play Euchre!
euchre game of the dayeuchre game of the day
Were you able to win a few game of Euchre?
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