EA sets its sights on social, teases three new games

In today's fourth quarter earnings call, Electronic Arts let slip quite a few juicy details for the social / mobile gamer. When speaking of its upcoming games (those that will release over the next year), we learned that the company (and its properties) will be releasing at least three new social games (presumably all on Facebook).

An unnamed PopCap game is in the works, alongside a new PlayFish title that's being released by the company's San Francisco studio (perhaps explaining the closure of Restaurant City?). Unfortunately, no details as to the themes or genres of either of those games were released. Finally, Maxis (creators of SimCity and the Sims) is developing a game of its own. For the last year now, we've heard rumors and speculation concerning the launch of a SimCity title on Facebook, so could this finally be concrete proof that the game does or will exist? For the record, SimCity itself, the PC / Mac title that will launch in 2013 (and also includes some social elements) is listed separately from this new Maxis social game (see below), so they definitely don't seem to be one in the same.

Click the image to make it larger.

While we unfortunately aren't left with much more in the way of details about any of these three games, we can only hope that EA announces more come E3 in Los Angeles next month. Stay tuned!

[Image Credit: EA]

Would you play a SimCity game on Facebook? What do you hope PopCap and Playfish are up to? Sound off in the comments.

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