CastleVille: Puppies now offer new pet prizes

While it might have seemed like the release of puppies in CastleVille was a fairly self-contained feature, it looks like the team at Zynga is going to continue updating your time with man's best friend, as they have added two new puppy prizes to the game as incentive for you to keep playing with your furry pal.

These two puppy prizes come in the form of a Dog House and a Puppy Costume for your avatar. Both are crafted in the same way as other puppy prizes, and can only be made after you've played with your puppy enough times (and gone on subsequent treasure hunts) to have the exclusive materials necessary to actually create them. The Dog House, for instance, is crafted in your Workshop. It takes four hours, and requires the following:

  • 10 Wood Planks

  • 10 Mortars

  • 10 Obsidian (Puppy ingredient)

  • 12 Dragon Bone (Puppy ingredient)

Meanwhile, the Puppy Costume is created inside your Studio. It also takes four hours to complete, and is just as complex a recipe:

  • 15 Spider Silks (Puppy ingredient)

  • 10 Obsidian (Puppy ingredient)

  • 5 Dye Kits

  • 6 Leather

Once you craft either of these objects, you'll be able to find them in your inventory. In the case of the Puppy Costume, it's a complete hat, top and pants set that will allow your avatar to take on the appearance of a German Shepherd, just like the real puppy you might have adopted in your kingdom. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of new puppy prizes being added to the game, and we'll make sure to let you know if any additional items make their way into the game.

Will you immediately craft either of these two puppy prizes, or are you satisfied crafted the prizes that were available from the beginning of this event? Sound off in the comments.