Zynga gets mushy again with mobile gamers in Player Love Week

Zynga Player Love Week
Zynga Player Love Week

If there's one time other than Valentine's Day when love is in the air, it's spring ... or whenever Zynga damn well says it is. The gargantuan social game maker announced another take at Player Love Week exclusively for its stable of mobile social games. Between today, May 4, and May 10, one of Zynga's iOS and Android games will score free stuff each day. Here's what games will offer free bonuses when straight from the giant horse's mouth:

The name of the game with Zynga's second Player Love Week is free, free and more free. Well, aside from Draw Something, in which the drawings are always free. Though, we are interested in what exactly those new doodles will be--could they be more ads for players to sketch up? (Note: The asterisk next to the Zynga Poker offer implies that it's only for players using Facebook Connect.)

Zynga first pushed out a promotion like this around Valentine's Day. Just months later, the developer has plenty more popular games to promote. Free stuff in already-free games is a fine way to draw the players back in. And just when you thought your Words With Friends binge was over.

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