The Sims Social 'Ganging Up' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Ganging Up Quest
The Sims Social Ganging Up Quest

Leather jackets ... check. Loads of hair product ... check. Now you're almost ready to take on the newest quest in The Sims Social, "Ganging Up." It's Rock & Roll Week in Playfish's finest Facebook game, and it's up to you to help a Sim known as Jessica catch the eyes of Danny, the coolest kid in the block.

To complete these six-step quest, you'll need 12 Muse, seven Love, five Melody, a Computer, the SimPhonic Jukebox, a Guitar and about 800 Simoleons. And for completing this not-so-daunting task, you'll score a retro-themed poster for your Sim's home. On with the show we go:

Ganging Up Part 1

  • Harvest 4 Chilies

  • Check His SimBook Page 5 Times

  • Have a SimPhonic Jukebox

Harvesting four Chilies will take at least eight hours and cost a total of 60 Simoleons. To check the SimBook, click on any Computer and choose the "Read Danny's SimBook" option five times. The SimPhonic Jukebox is available for free under the "Specials" tab in the Store.

Ganging Up Part 2

  • Collect 5 Muse

  • Pose as Bella's Beauty to 2 Friends

  • Collect 7 Love

Muse can be found through either asking friends or performing actions on Music Skill Items. For the second task, visit two Sims, click on them and choose the "Pose As Bella's Beauty" once for each Sim. Love comes from either asking friends, performing actions on Music Skill items or performing flirty actions with other Sims.

The Sims Social Mr. Fud Milkshake Maker
The Sims Social Elvis Parsley Guitar
The Sims Social Simphonic Jukebox

Ganging Up Part 3

  • Spend 700 Simoleons on New Items

  • Harvest 12 Strawberries

  • Share Milkshake with Friends 3 Times

The fastest way to reach this total on new items is to just spend another 100 Simoleons and buy the HotRod Diner Chair. Harvesting 12 Strawberries will take at least 15 minutes and cost 72 Simoleons. Bella has the Mr Fud's Classic Milkshake Maker, so visit her, click on the item and choose the "Share Milkshake" option three times.

Ganging Up Part 4

  • Wear a Quiff Hairdo

  • Pretend to be an S-Jet to 5 Friends

  • Post A Feed About Being An S-Jet

This first task does not require you to buy a new hairstyle--just click on your Sim, search through the new hair-dos and try on the relevant hairstyle. Then visit five Sims, click on them and choose the "I'm An S-Jet" option. Finally, a friend must click on the News Feed you post for this task to be completed. Commenting on your own post increases its visibility.

The Sims Social Rock & Roll Week
The Sims Social Rock & Roll Week

Ganging Up Part 5

  • Have any Guitar

  • Pelvis Thrust 4 Friends

  • Have 7 Muse

You should already have a Guitar on hand, so no need to do anything here. Visit four different Sims, click on a Guitar in their house and choose the "Check Out My Moves" option. Again, Muse comes from performing actions on Music Skill items.

Ganging Up Part 6

  • Harvest 2 Watermelons

  • Have 5 Melody

  • Tell Friends it's Jessica who Likes Danny

Two Watermelons will at least 12 hours to harvest and cost a total of 38 Simoleons. Unfortunately Melody can only be found through requesting it from friends, unless you're in the Rock Star Career path. Finally, three friends have to click on this News Feed to complete this task, so remember to comment on it yourself. And that's it--the snazzy poster is yours!

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[Image Credit: Playfish]

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