Ravenshire Castle sends social gamers sneaking, stealing on Facebook

Ravenshire Castle
Ravenshire Castle

You've roamed through the forests of Ravenwood Fair. You've soared the skies of Ravenskye City. Now, it's time to settle down and finally claim a home of your own--a big home, at that--in Ravenshire Castle. The next big Facebook game by publisher 6waves, Ravenshire Castle is the proverbial next step for the "Raven" series of games in almost every way.

But first, a bit of background: Ravenshire Castle was in the works before 6waves broke things off with the previously-merged Lolapps, the team behind the first two "Raven" social games. In order to ensure this release saw the light of day, a few Lolapps folks stayed behind under the moniker Silverlake to finish and support the game after launch, product lead Brady Flynn tells us.

Ravenshire Castle, aside from some gorgeous pseudo 3D graphics--thanks to Lolapps' (now 6waves') Fliso Engine--doesn't look like much more than your standard simulator-style Facebook game. But after a few minutes it's clear how Ravenshire Castle looks to differentiate itself: production values and player vs. player (PvP) content.


As players build up their sprawling castles inherited through the power of a mighty scepter, they'll soon realize that their friends might want in on some of the riches their castle halls hold. Enter the stealth-centric PvP hook of Ravenshire Castle that sends players sneaking through their friends' fortresses, dodging guards and nabbing precious loot. Intrigued yet? Ravenshire Castle is available now.

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