CityVille Showbiz Inc Goals: Everything you need to know


J. David Danger is a new rich entrepreneur in your town in CityVille, and he comes with an equally new upgradeable building in the form of Showbiz Inc. This building can be built to different levels, each offering a different product or service to your town. There is also a set of associated goals to finish that introduces you to this overall feature, and we're here with a guide to help you finish them off.

A Show Stopper!

  • Place & Finish Showbiz, Inc.

  • Collect from 20 Showbiz Businesses

  • Ask for 5 Profits from Friends

The first level of Showbiz Inc requires you to collect 50 building materials: 10 each of Business Contracts, Camera Dollies, Director's Chairs, Microphones and Spotlights. When that's done, you'll have a home with 500 population and an increase of 500 Downtown Value points. By reaching this first level, you'll gain access to building a variety of marked "Showtime businesses" in your town, including a Music Video Studio, Vinyl Record Studio and more. These operate like other Businesses, and will have the potential to drop Profits at random when collect from them. As for this first goal, completing it will reward you with 100,000 coins.

Upgrade Showbiz, Inc

  • Upgrade Showbiz, Inc to Level 2

  • Supply 20 Showbiz Businesses

  • Collect from Showbiz, Inc 5 times

Upgrading to Level 2 requires you to have collected at least 25 Profits from businesses, have at least two Showbiz businesses in your town and collect from the Showbiz, Inc building itself at least three times. You'll receive 300,000 coins for completing this goal.

Applause Break

  • Upgrade Showbiz, Inc to Level 5

  • Collect from 50 Showbiz Businesses

  • Collect 25 Profits from Friends

Forget just upgrading to Level 3; this goal makes you upgrade all of the way to Level 5. At that point, your Showbiz, Inc building will have a population of 5,500 citizen and will increase your Downtown Value by 5,500 points. You'll also have earned access to even more Showbiz Businesses, like a TV Studio and Hologram Concert. Perhaps the most exciting thing, however, is the final prize for this goal series: complete this final goal and you'll earn 1 million coins that can be spent on anything you'd like... including those new Showbiz Businesses.

[Via: CityVille Wiki]

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