CityVille Farmer's Market: Everything you need to know

With the increased demand for Premium Goods in CityVille (thanks to CityVille Downtown), it can be a bit hard to keep up with demand using only the Factory or Trucking Depot to supply your businesses. Now, you can plant new Premium Crops that automatically generate Premium Crops via the Farmer's Market, which is now available to users level 30 and above.

The Farmer's Market functions as both a way to earn new Premium Crops, and as a "decoration" of sorts, giving you bonuses on your surrounding homes, businesses and community buildings. It comes with a single booth intact, and can be upgraded until you've built and opened all four booths in total. Of course, you'll need to collect some building materials along the way, with the second booth (the most important) requiring the following:

  • 5 Fruit Scales

  • 5 Milk Crates

  • 5 Coolers

  • 5 Baskets

  • 5 Tent Umbrellas

Once you've collected these items (that is, once your Farmer's Market has at least two complete booths), you'll be able to open it up for business, and will receive a 50% bonus on the payout of surrounding buildings. When you build the third booth in the same manner, that bonus will increase to 75%, while the fourth and final booth will boost it to a full 100% bonus (doubling all payouts).

As for the crops, while your Farmer's Market is open (it will only stay open for 12 hours in each sitting), you will have access to crops you can plant in your regular farm plots. Note: the Farmer's Market needs to be sitting next to your farm plots in order for this to work. With just two booths in your Farmer's Market, you'll have access to planting Heirloom Tomatoes, and with each additional booth, another crop becomes available. In our example, Heirloom Tomatoes take an hour to grow and produce 30 Premium Goods for each square harvested. The other two crops, for the record, are Organic Squash and Cantaloupes.

It's possible we'll be able to upgrade this Farmer's Market even further in the future for more Premium Goods access, and we'll make sure to let you know if that ends up happening. Sound off in the comments.