Playforge: Zombie Farm 2 arrives 'in a few short weeks'

zombie farm 2
zombie farm 2

Looks like there's a sequel in the works for Playforge's Zombie Farms, and it will be arriving in a few weeks for iPhone and iPad. Zombie Farm is a virtual farming game where instead of corn and potatoes, you tend to crops of zombies. Then you mutate the zombies and then... invade! Zombie Farm 2 started out as a giant update to the original, but, according to the company blog, the changes were so big that they just decided to make an entirely new app instead.

Everything from your original game will be transferred to the sequel and your Brain (the game's virtual currency) balance will be automatically multiplied by 10. Some other changes that you can expect to see in the new Zombie Farm include unlimited storage capacity, and an update to the in-game market, as well as a 'rebalanced' Brain economy.

The blog post says "other changes and upgrades" have been made to the game, but Playforge is not ready to let loose with all of the details just yet.

Playforge: Big News about Zombie Farm >

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