's social game saga continues with Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Pyramid Solitaire Saga

The proverbial Zynga of Europe is at it again. This time, developer has unleashed a social version of solitaire on Facebook. Titled Pyramid Solitaire Saga in vein of, well, every game on Facebook, the game sees players stranded in Egypt (or somewhere like it) with the only way out being several games of pyramid-style solitaire.

The game quietly launched on Facebook recently, according to Social Games Observer, and has attracted just 40,000 daily players so far. Keep in mind, however, the game has received little to no marketing, press outreach or cross promotion yet. Players, who navigate the game world as someone named Helena, can play through six different episodes, each with 10 levels to complete.

Like all of's "Saga" games, players can see their friends' progress on an over world map that links each level together. On that map, players have the option to send their friends free lives to help out and compare progress or highest scores. And as players finish episodes, they'll earn numerous power-ups, like extra time, bonus tiles, extra jokers, mixed tiles and score boosters, according to SGO. mixes up the classic mode of pyramid solitaire by not only ranking players on speed, but introducing enemies like scarabs to crush mid-game. Pyramid Solitaire Saga also gives players additional missions to complete outside of the core play hook. With games like Solitaire Blitz by PopCap tearing it up, Pyramid Solitaire Saga stands to keep the saga going.

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