Game of the Day: Keno

According to the Britannica Online Encyclopedia, today's Game of the Day, Keno, originated at least two thousands years ago, in far away China. You can call it a bingo or a lotto game, but it's mainly found in casinos, and had its start in American gambling houses during the 1830s.

In this game, you get a card to select squares going from 1 to 80. Twenty numbers will roll out in little green balls and matches will get you winnings. You get to choose up to fifteen numbers on your card, but the less numbers you pick, the higher the value each number is if it matches. If you can't decide on numbers, clicking the "Quick Pick" button will do it for you. How much you bet also affects your winnings. Balls are rolled out every 30 seconds and you get ten rounds in a row before the ad rolls in. If you happen to be lucky with numbers, then check out Keno below!

Play Keno!

What numbers-picking strategy works best for you in Keno?

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