FarmVille Nature Items: Joshua Tree, Flax Pond and more

Along with the new Mother's Day items that were released in the FarmVille marketplace this week, a new set of natural items will take us back to the great outdoors, virtually at least. These items come in the form of trees, animals and more, but their limited edition status means that you'll need to purchase them sooner, rather than later if you're at all interested. Here's a look at what's available.


Joshua Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Chainfruit Cholla Tree - 12 Farm Cash
California Fan Palm - 8 Farm Cash
Date Palm - 14 Farm Cash


Natural Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Leaves Boar - 16 Farm Cash
American Badger - 12 Farm Cash


Flax Pond - 10 Farm Cash

These items will only be available for the next two weeks. Unfortunately, there aren't very many new items to choose from, but the Natural Horse is particularly pretty (and will be a new shining jewel in any horse collector's collection). Just make sure you take a look at these items sooner, rather than later so that you don't miss out on them entirely.

What do you think of these FarmVille Nature items? Do you think these items should be in a limited edition item theme, or should have just been released separately in the store? Sound off in the comments.