Enchanted Realm HD mixes fairytales with city-building on iOS

Medieval kingdom-building games are "all the rage" these days, from games like Zynga's CastleVille on Facebook to the still popular We Rule from ngmoco. Another entry in that series is Game Insight's Enchanted Realm HD, which allows players to interact with their favorite fairytale characters of their youth while building a prospering kingdom all their own.

From the beginning, Enchanted Realm offers fairly basic city-building play, allowing you to plant crops to earn supplies, with those supplies working to operate various businesses, like a marketplace or mill (as but two examples). You'll spend energy to complete most in-game actions, and will level up over time to unlock new items that can be built in your kingdom. If you wish to increase the payout of your kingdom's homes or businesses, you can place a variety of decorations nearby, and will be able to expand your land to hold more of these items by using your coin savings.

An in-game quest system moves the story along, and will eventually introduce popular fairytale characters to your kingdom, from the sorcerer Merlin to the Brave Little Tailor or the Snow Queen. All along the way, you'll need to keep an eye out for the evil Morgana, a sorceress that wishes to ruin your kingdom.


As a freemium mobile game, the expected premium currency system is in place here, with Crystals allowing you to speed up the payout of buildings or unlock and purchase special items from the store. The game also offers some light social features via Game Center, Facebook and Twitter integration, allowing you to share your individual friend code with others and add your own friends in the same way.

If you're looking for a bright, colorful city-builder with a medieval twist to play on your iPad, you now download Enchanted Realm HD for free on iTunes.

Click here to download Enchanted Realm HD on iTunes --->

Have you tried Enchanted Realm HD on your iPad? What do you think of the game's inclusion of real world fairytale stories, in addition to its own fiction? Sound off in the comments.

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