CityVille Bird Sanctuary: Everything you need to know

While you may already be well on your way to finishing the Tree of Life in CityVille (in order to receive your free 100 energy points), there's now even more incentive for you to finish it off if you've yet to begin. That is, a new item by the name of the Bird Sanctuary is now available to players Level 10 and up, but its goal can only be finished by having a fully grown Tree of Life in your town.

To be specific, this is yet another item that will require you to expand your city before you receive it, along with completing a goal associated solely with it. The "For the Birds!" goal asks you to expand to the Bird Sanctuary, along with two other tasks:

  • Expand to the Bird Sanctuary

  • Collect 8 Cardinals

  • Have a Fully Grown Tree of Life

The Cardinals can be earned by either collecting from your Bird Sanctuary, or through a variety of "nature" buildings that are now available to purchase in the store. Either way, when you finish this goal, not only will you have access to the pretty Bird Sanctuary building, but you'll also receive an All-Natural Abode, a home that can be placed in your town. Is that worth the effort of completing this goal? We'll leave that up to you.

Have you started building your Tree of Life in CityVille, or are you putting this feature on hold in your own city for now? Let us know in the comments.