CastleVille Sneak Peek: Little Red Riding Hood items coming soon

Since the limited edition Easter items are on their way out of the CastleVille marketplace, Zynga has released a sneak preview of what we can expect from the game's next item theme: Little Red Riding Hood. The preview comes via a teaser image, showing off a few costumes, an animal and a new home.

We can see that males (at least) will be able to dress up as the big bad wolf, while female avatars can dress up at Little Red Riding Hood herself. There's a lovely horse with a matching red hood, and a cute cottage with a pink roof that we can only expect to be called "Grandma's House." Hopefully, the path leading up to her home might also be an item available for purchase, as I know I would instantly swap out all of my dirt courtyards for that lovely stone pathway.

Finally, let's not forget the spooky, living trees in the background of this image. Whether or not these trees will be available for purchase remains to be seen, but it certainly is an interesting concept (that is, most of our game is about escaping the evil of the gloom, so adding evil trees to the mix as decorations seems a bit odd). Either way, we'll stay on top of things and will let you know when you can start to purchase these Little Red Riding Hood items in your own kingdom, so stay tuned!

What do you think of these upcoming Little Red Riding Hood items? Are there any you think you would be willing to pay Crowns for? Let us know in the comments.