Rock Band for iPhone, iPad plays its swan song at May's end

Rock Band iPhone
Rock Band iPhone

It looks like EA is at it again. RockBandAide reports that the publisher has opted to shut down the original Rock Band for iPhone and iPad entirely at the end of this month. When players load up the game on their iOS device, they're now greeted with a message that bears the bad news: Rock Band for iOS will no longer be playable come May 31.

It's more than likely that EA made the decision to allocate more resources to Rock Band Reloaded on iOS. Released in December of 2010, the game is essentially a direct sequel to the original that aimed to improve on the already-awesome original in every way. As TouchArcade points out, it makes sense for EA to focus on the new hotness, but at the expense of the masses that dropped coin on new tracks?

We're feeling a sense of deja vu here. Remember when the publisher slashed the original Tetris for iPad in favor of the brand new Tetris first released last year? This practice isn't anything new for even developers other than EA, but for the company to shut down the game entirely (not just its servers that support online features) seems a bit crazy, as TouchArcade says. On May 31, we foresee many a Rock Band iOS fans tapping to "Come Sail Away."

Are you bummed to see the first Rock Band on iOS go bye-bye? What's the last song that you'll play? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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