OpenFeint founder wants to make tablet games for console gamers

OpenFeint founder Jason Citron
OpenFeint founder Jason Citron

You know, the guy behind that massive social gaming network that GREE gobbled up last year? Yeah, that guy. VentureBeat reports that Jason Citron, founder of OpenFeint and one of the first to create games for the iPhone, has revealed his next work. It's called Phoenix Guild, a company that employs just Citron (for now) with console-grade tablet games in its sights.

VentureBeat points out that Citron could probably fund Phoenix Guild with his own money, but he's seeking $1 million from interested investors. The OpenFeint mastermind has been making games for iOS devices since before it was even known as "iOS", way back in 2008, so he knows his stuff enough to take a crack at the hardcore crowd on touchscreen gizmos.

In fact, Citron is already coding his first game project himself with the plan to pull together a team. According to VentureBeat, he plans to release said game by the end of this year, but has even bigger ambitions than that. "All of the gaming today is casual or mid-core," he told VentureBeat. "There is a huge bunch of gamers who can't frigging stand this crap, myself among them. We want to [be] Funzio, but fast forward that by five years."

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