Game of the Day: Boombot 2: Return of the Boom King

Boombot takes a bomb and keeps on rolling in today's Game of the Day, Boombot 2: Return of the Boom King, which happens to be an explosive platform puzzler. The goal is to help our adorable, indestructible robot pal propel his way towards a blue exit portal using bombs of varying sizes. Boulders, wooden planks, caches of TNT, explosive gel, and oil barrels are some of the other things that enter into the gameplay, but for the most part, you'll be relying on a limited number of bombs to do your job.

These bombs are cannonballs that you deploy by clicking and holding down your left mouse button. The longer you hold down the button, the bigger the bomb gets. Depending on how far or how high you need to send Boombot, you need to experiment with differently sized explosions. But you can always reset the level if you need to try again. Fifty fun challenges await you, so check out Boombot 2: Return of the Boom King below!

Play Boombot 2: Return of the Boom King!

What stage did you get up to in Boombot 2?

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