FarmVille: Send gifts to friends via the World Food Programme

Back in December
, farmers were given a chance to send a virtual Christmas present to their FarmVille neighbors with real money, only to receive an exclusive decoration for their own games in return. That same "give-and-get" feature has come back around this month in association with the game's newest charity promotion with the World Food Programme.

Here, you'll be able to send an African Cow to your "most helpful" friends for $1. That is, a single cow sent to a single friend costs $1, so you'll spend a buck for each individual friend you'd like to send this gift to. In return, you'll receive a World Food Gnome for your own game as a reward for your generosity. All of the proceeds from this trade-off will go to supporting the World Food Programme.

Remember, even though you can't manually browse through your list of neighbors to find a specific one, you can simply close out the promotion's window and load it back up again to see a different selection of six friends until you find the one you most want to send a gift to. Also, if you happen to want both a cow and a gnome for your own game, remember that you can trade with friends. That is, you and your friend send each other a cow, and you'll both wind up with the full pair in the end.

Whatever your plan of action, make sure to purchase and send these African Cows sooner, rather than later, as the ability to do so won't be around for long.

Will you purchase an African Cow for your friends? Have you received one for your own game? Sound off in the comments.