What has drawn nearly 5 million daily Draw Something players away?

Draw Something Alone
Draw Something Alone

Unfortunately, we're about as clueless as you might be on that one. Develop reports, citing AppData results, that Zynga's mobile darling Draw Something has lost nearly 5 million daily players since creator OMGPOP was acquired by Zynga. Draw Something last peaked at 14.3 million daily players on April 3, only to steadily plummet to the 10.4 million daily players it has today.

Monthly Draw Something player numbers are dropping too, but not nearly as steeply. While it's important to remember that a decline in returning players is inevitable for nearly every social and mobile game, a decline this steep is shocking considering Zynga's massive marketing muscle. (And the fact that it didn't happen until Zynga came around.) Not to mention Draw Something held a record for fastest-growing mobile game of all time ... until Angry Birds Space came along.

Now we're onto something. If there's one thing that both social and mobile gamers can call themselves, it's fickle. As a mobile game maker, your players are only as loyal as you're skilled at keeping their interest amidst the deluge of games that spew from the various app stores on a daily basis. And now Rovio's new hotness is on the block ... and we're sure OMGPOP is working on its very own hotness as we speak.

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