CastleVille Royal Manor: Everything you need to know

Completing the trio of new "royal" buildings in CastleVille is the Royal Manor, a building that looks almost identical to the Royal Chateau (also pictured here for your reference), which can be purchased in the store for 80,000 coins.

It requires plenty of parts to build, which you can either purchase with Crowns, craft, or ask your friends to send.

  • 10 Stone Blocks

  • 8 Gold Bricks

  • 12 Hammers

  • 8 Light Breakfasts

Does this list look familiar? It should, as it's the exact same list of requirements as for the Royal Chateau, making this building all the more similar (for the record, the Light Breakfasts are earned through a general news post on your wall). In fact, the similarities don't stop there, as this one comes with 250 Castle Points for your Kingdom, and also gives off 2,500 coins in profits when you collect from it.

Ultimately, these buildings are almost identical in both appearance and function, so if you choose to only build one instead of both, I wouldn't really blame you. Then again, if you're looking to add more high society to your kingdom, building both will quickly accomplish just that.

What do you think of the Royal Manor? Will you build one alongside the Royal Chateau, or instead of one? Sound off in the comments.