Your most burning The Sims Social questions answered by Playfish

The Sims Social black car
The Sims Social black car

The Sims Social will have been out for a year soon, and still numerous questions asked by its 16.2 million players have gone unanswered. Until now. Playfish has revealed countless details and answered numerous player questions in a tell-all question and answer session held on The Sims Social forums recently. And the results are juicy.

Aside from addressing some serious game issues--like game snags, storage issues, gifting limits and more--Playfish took this golden opportunity to reveal what's in store for The Sims Social this spring and summer. For one, Playfish designers already have a black car in the works for Littlehaven residents, though it's uncertain whether this one will be drivable. (Fingers crossed?)

The Playfish team also unveiled something even closer on the horizon: a swimming pool for players' beach homes. This month, the developer will run a "pool party" event that will allow players to expand their vacation homes with an in-ground pool that will offer diving, scuba and other play options. Based on the promotional image, this brand new activity could involve your fellow Sims somehow, but that's a cross between guesswork and wishful thinking.

To see nearly all of your hottest The Sims Social questions answered, check out the Q&A in full right here.

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