Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese warriors take to battle in Swords & Soldiers on Android

Swords & Soldiers may be a name that's familiar to strategy and tower defense fans, as the indie game was originally released on PlayStation Network, Nintendo WiiWare, PC and Mac only to later be ported to iOS on both iPhone and iPad. Now, you have yet another option for jumping into this lighthearted world, as Two Tribes has ported the game to Android.

Swords & Soldiers is a side-scrolling tower defense title, taking you around the world as you control Viking, Aztec and Chinese armies in themed environments with overarching goals in mind. The Vikings, for instance, are on a quest to create the ultimate BBQ sauce, while the Aztecs wish to defend the Holy Pepper from their enemies. Needless to say, the game's humor and charm are pretty apparent, and the gameplay is pretty solid as well.

You'll be able to send your troops from the left side of the screen, using resources like gold to summon them. Enemies approach from the right, and combat takes place automatically where the two meet. In this way, the game is immediately comparable to Playdom's new Facebook game Armies of Magic, but can be played anywhere you go.

You'll be able to earn in-game achievements on your Android phone or tablet, and can download a free version of the game to see if it's something you'll enjoy. If so, you can purchase the full game for $2.99. Take a look at what you can expect via the game's official trailer below.

Click here to download Swords & Soldiers on Google Play now --->

Have you played Swords & Soldiers on any of its previous platforms, or will you jump into the game for the first time now on Android? Sound off in the comments.

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