FarmVille Perfect Pet: Everything you need to know

Did you enjoy the dream vacation house feature in FarmVille, that allowed you to customize a large, tropical building based on choices you and your friends made about your own personality? I hope so, as a similar new feature has launched on your farms this week, this time dealing with pets. Specifically, you'll be given a large plot of land and will be able to build it up in the quest for your "Perfect Pet."

There are seven stages to this garden or play area's growth, with each requiring you to collect votes from friends on two options per question. The first question allows you to ask your friends if they think you'd rather play outside or lay in the sun, with four votes on either side giving you one prize or the other. You'll earn votes by posting general news items on your wall, but of course, you don't have to rely solely on your friends' opinions. If you want one prize more than the other, make sure to ask your friends to vote a specific way so that you'll be almost guaranteed to win it.

Luckily, it looks like we'll be able to repeat this feature to earn the other half of the prizes we'll miss out on first, but make sure to vote the way you most agree with your first time around, as these responses will change the appearance of your Perfect Pet play area as it grows.

We'll have the next 40 or so days to work on this Perfect Pet feature, but if you don't wish to ask your friends for help whatsoever, you can also purchase these prizes outright with Farm Cash in the store. Again, there's no good reason to do so, however, as you can earn them all for free. Either way, make sure to keep a sharp eye on this feature and how many votes you have at all times, since you'll need to ask for quite a few to finish it off even once.

What do you think of this Perfect Pet feature? When given the chance between cats and dogs, which option will you choose? Let us know in the comments!