CityVille Player Appreciation week means double XP, free energy and more

While Player or Fan Appreciation Weeks have been held across Zynga's many games in the past, from Pioneer Trail to FarmVille, the feature has come to CityVille this week, rewarding dedicated players with a variety of boosts and a chance to win free City Cash.

First and foremost, the game is now offering double XP on your accounts, so you'll be able to level up quicker than ever before (if you remember to play the game frequently enough during this event, that is). Secondly, you'll receive double the amount of energy on neighbor visits, which can then be used back in your main town to earn all of those additional experience points.

Furthermore, a sweepstakes is being run, offering a 2,142 City Cash prize as of this writing (and climbing). You'll earn sweepstakes entries automatically by simply playing the game, constructing new buildings or completing goals. You can also purchase entries for City Cash, but that's a bit backwards if you ask us. What's great about these tickets though, is that each and every ticket will give you something, even if it's not the grand prize. Each ticket has its own chance of winning Zoning Permits, Goods, smaller amounts of City Cash, energy, coins or XP, so it's definitely worth collecting as many as you can. Good luck!

What do you think of the boosts being offered during Player Appreciation Week in CityVille? What would you do if you won thousands of City Cash during this contest? What would you spend it on? Let us know in the comments.