Addicted and proud: Guess what game Katie Couric is hooked on

Katie Couric
Katie Couric

Hint: It involves words, friends and sharing one with the other. Former Today Show host and all-around broadcast news anchor Katie Couric joins the ranks of Alec Baldwin, Alice Eve and everyone else on planet in Words With Friends addiction. The journalist admitted as much to Us Weekly recently in an exclusive feature titled, "25 Things You Don't Know About Me."

Couric was short and sweet about it, as if it had been on her chest for a while. Well, it was either that or she was simply excited to tell the world that she's down with what's hot in gaming. We're going to guess it was a bit of both, based on the following: "I'm addicted to Words With Friends." Oh, and she's also hooked on puppies ... whatever that means.

Couric joins the ongoing Words With Friends craze that Alec Baldwin arguably started when he was reportedly removed from a plane for refusing to stop playing. Then, Star Trek 2 star Alice Eve admitted to some Words With Friends abuse of her own. It's nice to see another celeb in on the action, but really, who isn't at this point? Soon enough, hipsters around the globe will make Scrabble cool again.

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