Plants vs. Zombies wall stickers on the (semi) cheap at wall art wall art

Not sure if you've heard of, but it's one of the many daily deals sites on the web. But, it's easily one of the best. Every day you can find sales on nifty things like neon toasters, pop art for your cubicle or, as of today, a collection of brand new Plants vs. Zombies wall stickers.

Yes, PopCap has finally decided to merchandise its famous characters in the form of wall art and you can only buy them (for now) on You can buy sunflowers, pea shooters and a garden variety of zombies (get it?), including my favorite, the cranky Newspaper Zombie, who was apparently caught sans pants during the undead apocalypse.

plants vs zombie wall stickers
plants vs zombie wall stickers

I'd encourage anyone interested to take advantage of the deals, too, because these stickers carry a hefty price tag. I'd especially recommend the Zombie & Plant Special Fab set for $69 (pictured above), which is 30 bucks cheaper than you'll be able to find them at retail. I'm still mulling over dropping $60 for that awesome 36x45 Newspaper Zombie.

To invest in your own PvZ stickers, head to's sale. For more info on all of PopCap's new Plants vs. Zombies swag, check out this news piece from Joe, including quotes from the company's merchandising director on whether or not he thinks this whole licensing thing will reach Star Wars type proportions.

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