Plants vs. Zombies vs. Wallets: PopCap goes merchandising crazy

Plants vs. Zombies t-shirts
Plants vs. Zombies t-shirts

We already know that you love killing zombies all over again with battle-ready plants. But how do you show it? EA-owned PopCap has announced swaths of merchandising with numerous partners, all pimping Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ). This marks the first major merchandising push from the Bejeweled maker for its brands with some hitting this Spring and more to come.

PopCap's exhaustive list of partners include Bioworld, Funko, Jazwares, MjC, Trends and Walls360. But we know what you really care about: the swag. How about PvZ bracelets, a PvZ wallet or PvZ t-shirts? If that doesn't do it for you, PvZ miniature figurines are on the way featuring the disco zombie, the sunflower, the pea shooter and more.


Nope, we're not done yet: PvZ pajamas are on the way, along with a calendar and ginormous removable wall stickers of none other than the disco zombie. With the cult following that PopCap's games have amassed over the years, we're surprised it's taken this long before the developer went all out with merchandising deals. Who knows, maybe the plants and zombies will follow Angry Birds to the silver screen.

"I definitely wouldn't say we avoided merchandise, but we did take our time to make sure we approached the opportunity in a deliberate and strategic fashion," PopCap Director of Brand Merchandising and Licensing Brennan Townley tells us. "PopCap has fielded hundreds of licensing inquiries over the last 3-4 years as consumer and partner demand continued to grow, PopCap made the commitment to develop a comprehensive licensing program. We don't take new ventures lightly and this is no exception."

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